July orders for Chantilly are here. 2nd chance ordering is closed. Please remember that we have new store hours in Chantilly. Friday - Sunday 11am - 4pm. There will be no 2nd chance order in August. All August orders are due by July 31st at 1pm

Welcome to Best in Show Naturals

Only the Best Comes Natural

Welcome to Best in Show Naturals

Only the Best for Your Pets

We endeavor to bring you the highest quality foods and products for your cats and dogs to help assist you in providing them with the best, healthiest and longest lives possible.  We also commit to providing the best possible customer service as well. 


Our Product Line

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Blue Ridge Beef

CDF test

Chew Dat Foods

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Popular Products

Beef for Dogs makes a great starter meat for building a healthy meal.

Chew Dat Foods Complete meal is a quick and easy thaw and serve meal .

Cats that love raw can't get enough Kitten Grind.

Shank Bones make an awesome treat for your dog.

Pickup Locations

Pickup locations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia


14725 K Flint Lee Road

Chantilly, VA 20151